Career Interest Survey


Below you will find questions that help to gauge your career interest level. Once submitted, a list of 20 jobs will be generated along with average arkansas salary, most common level of education and which PCCUA cluster matches that job. There is a 30 question and 60 question version of this survey. Below you can change which version you would like to take.

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Indicate how interested you are in each of the activities below




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1. Build kitchen cabinets
2. Help people with personal or emotional problems
3. Repair household appliances
4. Develop a new medicine
5. Write books or plays
6. Install software across computers on a large network
7. Study ways to reduce water pollution
8. Give career guidance to people
9. Compose or arrange music
10. Operate a calculator
11. Assemble electronic parts
12. Drive a truck to deliver packages to offices and homes
13. Perform rehabilitation therapy
14. Do volunteer work at a non-profit organization
15. Conduct chemical experiments
16. Create special effects for movies
17. Manage a department within a large company
18. Keep shipping and receiving records
19. Examine blood samples using a microscope
20. Paint sets for plays
21. Start your own business
22. Negotiate business contracts
23. Inventory supplies using a hand-held computer
24. Develop a way to better predict the weather
25. Write scripts for movies or television shows
26. Market a new line of clothing
27. Test the quality of parts before shipment
28. Sell merchandise at a department store
29. Teach a high-school class
30. Stamp, sort, and distribute mail for an organization